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1 Month Supply
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Systemic glandular enzymes have been demonstrated in pear reviewed clinical studies to cure humans of all types of cancers. Tumorx Enzyme are the highest quality enzymes, they contain no fillers additives or any other dangerous chemical.

TumorX Formula 103X
1 bottle containing 360 capsules
1000mg capsules per bottle

Amylase 200,000 USP Units
Lipase 60,000 USP Units

175,000 USP Units*

  *Trypsin, chymotrypsin elastase, carboxypeptidase A1,carboxypeptidase A2, carboxypeptidase B,
TumorX Formula 303X
1 bottle contains 720capsules
1000 mg capsules

Amylase 25,000 USP Units


TumorX Formula 403X
1 bottle contains 180 capsules
1000 mg capsules

Bromelain 2400 GDU Units
Get up at 7 a.m.
Eat at Approx. 8 a.m.
After meal 9:30 a.m.
303X   Take   6 capsules
403X Take 2 capsules
103X Take 3 capsules**
Lunch 11 a.m.
Eat at Approx. 12 Noon
After meal 1:30 p.m
303X Take   6 capsules
403X Take 2 capsules
103X Take 3 capsules**
Supper 4 p.m.
Eat at Approx. 5 p.m.
After meal 6:30.p.m.
303X   Take   6 capsules
403X Take 2 capsules
103X Take 3 capsules**
Last Serving of the day: 1 hour before bed take 8:30 p.m. 
Just before bed time 9:30 p.m.
303X Take 6 capsules
103X Take 3 capsules

**Note  If you cannot get in your last serving of enzymes before bed time.  Take the 303X just before bed, and during the night when you get up to use the bathroom take your last serving of 103X

More can be taken to achieve the desired result.

  • No serious adverse drug reactions have been observed in a numerous clinical trials.

Common side Effects

    • Loose stool
    • Gas

Rare side Effects

    • Constipation
    • Abdominal pain/cramps
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting may occur

Introduction To Enzyme Therapy

TumorX Enzymes are able to communicate with the surrounding cells, distinguishing and differentiating between healthy cells and cancerous cells. This distinguishing ability is a key to the TumorX Enzyme Protocol.

TumorX Formula 103X, TumorX Formula 303X & TumorX Formula 403X (TumorX Enzymes) are able to destroy cancerous cells piece-by-piece and bit-by-bit. The life saving action begins once a cancerous cell is detected. The very first part of the cell to be destroyed is the fibrin. The fibrin is composed of carbohydrates connected to a protein.

These carbohydrates form a protective canopy that engulfs the cell and allows the cancerous cell to communicate with adjacent cells.
Over time as old healthy cells die, a new cell is put into place. If the cancer cell is not destroyed at this point the new un coded cell gets the function code from the cancerous cell, creating a new cancer cell. One of the overwhelming problems is that cancer cells never die on their own. This is why a mechanism based approach like the TumorX Enzyme Protocol has to be implemented.
...The photo below describes the outer shell of a cancerous cell.

cancer cell
Enzymes are able to destroy the cancerous cell.

Pancreatic Enzyme in Clinical Studies

A Simple Explanation

This protective canopy is why Dr. Beard in his 1911 book demonstrated that greater amounts of amolopsyn i.e., TumorX Formula 303X, are need to destroy cancer cells versus what would normally be expected in non-cancerous cells.

The Trophoblast Principle of Cancer

A key concept underlying the original use of pancreatic enzymes (TumorX Formula 103X and TumorX Formula 303X) for cancer treatment is the trophoblastic theory of cancer. When a human egg is fertilized by sperm, the early cell divisions produce a small ball of cells, which give rise to the blastocyst (pre implantation embryo). The blastocyst possesses a surrounding layer of cells known as the trophoectoderm, which is made of individual cells called trophoblasts. Responsible for protecting the developing blastocyst and for mediating its attachment to the wall of the uterus, trophoblasts create the placenta. During the process of attaching the blastocyst to the uterine wall, trophoblasts express invasive qualities similar to those found in cancer cells. Trophoblasts, however, cease their invasive activity once the placenta is in place and functioning and then differentiate into other cell types.
When Scottish embryologist Dr. John Beard first observed the invasive activity of trophoblasts in 1902, he speculated on the similarities between these cells and cancer cells. In addition, he observed that trophoblast invasiveness begins to decline at about the same time that the pancreas in the developing fetus begins to function.

He also theorized that maternal pancreatic enzymes might play a role in containing trophoblastic invasiveness in the uterus. These considerations led to his hypothesis that cancer cells, like trophoblasts, arise from primordial germ cells.
Dr. Beard also thought that some of these primordial cells—carrying latent capacities for invading tissues—could escape and spread throughout the body of the developing fetus. He thought it was possible that pancreatic enzymes modulated the degree of trophoblastic invasiveness in the uterus, he suggested that these same enzymes play a role in either limiting or eliminating cancerous cells elsewhere in the body.
Dr. Beard worked before the advent of molecular biology and human genetics. Although unable to experimentally establish that pancreatic enzymes had anticancer effects, he published papers and a book about his theory between 1902 and 1911. Other scientists of the time raised significant objections to the trophoblastic theory of cancer, and it was never broadly accepted.
The objections were based on the fact the pancreatin enzymes are very large and we not believed to enter into the body through the intestinal wall, and if they were they would be fragment and useless.

Modern Research

Modern research has proven this to be inaccurate. The fact is pancreatic enzyme are detectable in the blood serum.
What is known today is that the enzyme attaches to a white blood cell, using it as its locomotive through the body.
When an enzyme reaches an area where it is needed it disconnects from the white blood cell and migrates between the cells this is accomplished by the cells vibrating and dividing allowing the enzyme to migrate between the cells. This mechanical action moves the enzymes to areas of the body where no blood vessels are present including the upper layer of the skin tissue.
TumorX Protocol asserted, like Dr. Beard, more recently Dr. Kelley and independent researchers like Dr. Gonzales have cured 10's of thousands standing on the shoulders of giants like Dr. Beard and the trophoblasts teaching.
Trophoblasts theory and cancer cells have a common origin in primordial germ cells.
We maintained, furthermore, that cancer was initiated when primordial germ cells migrated to a point in the body already weakened by toxic exposure environmental, hormonal system imbalance, and nutritional imbalances are present. At these presumably compromised sites, the germ cells met no opposition from the immune system e.g. enzymes killer T cells etc. and initiated an aggressive invasion of normal tissue, creating malignancy. TumorX treatment approach is based on the belief that primordial germ cells are a major cause of all cancers, no matter where they occur, and that pancreatic enzymes are able to suppress and/or destroy cancers cells, but other nutrients are needed to allow the enzymes to work properly. One needs to keep in mind that enzymes need minerals, co-enzymes, vitamins, nuclides (ATP) and etc. To work properly the fact is when one is deficient in a mineral like magnesium over 300 different enzymatic reactions are not able to properly do their job, this deficiency allows disease such as cancer to destroy the body. When ATP is not found in abundance Cachexia and other nutritional induced diseases will follow, this is simple because the Krebs cycle has been disturbed.

Fungal Versus Pancreatic Enzymes

The key concept to remember when talking about enzymes is the lock and key mechanism. An enzyme fits with one substrate just like a key fits one lock. There are also mechanical issues to consider with enzymes such as PH issues and size differentials. PH issues are important because you must consider the PH inside the body. The question to ask is, "will the enzyme function and migrate into the blood stream? " This is why when discussing fungal units they will bring to your attention that they are enteracoated enzymes, are generally fragile and unable to handle the fluid environment of the human body. Fungal units have not been proven to connect themselves to white blood cells once they have reached the bloodstream like the pancreatic enzymes have proven to do. There is a current inside the vessels due to the pumping action of the heart, so some mechanical locomotion will be accomplished through the action. If relying on blind luck the enzyme will bump or somehow engage fats, cholesterol, fibrin, blood fibrin, protease/glucose proteins and help thin the blood so these functions will occur. This is how the enzymes work vascularly.
Keep in mind that an enzyme is not an organism, does not have a brain, it is a chemical. However, this chemical is able to do thousands of chemical reactions in a very short period of time which makes it remarkable. What has not been demonstrated by the fungal units is the ability to migrate between the cells as the pancreatic enzymes do and effectively destroy cancer cells.
One of the main proponents of plant based enzymes, not fungal but plant-based, is Max Gerson. Gerson taught that by not cooking food you would be able to get the enzymes from the plant and repair the body. He also suggested eating materials such as raw beef liver.
He was right, that will greatly increase the nutritional content for the person and in some cases repair their deficiencies so that the natural enzymes already being made in the pancreas will have the substrates to do its job, allowing the body to be repaired.
The fungal units (HUT Units) HUT units are hemoglobin units. The assay is determined by how much blood it breaks down in a set time based on the fact that blood is made of a protein, protease. The completely remarkable thing is that the body has mechanisms in place to protect it and utilize such an interesting enzyme in the body. I would suggest that for simple digestion they are very good. However, for the treatment of cancer, they leave a lot to be desired. One enzyme that is plant based and has been proven to destroy cancer is bromelain.
The simplest thing to say about fungal units is that, other than shopping for cost, all of the major promoters of anti-cancer enzymes from the beginning to modern day have all insisted that pancreatic enzymes outperform any other enzyme known. One fact is that the late Dr. William Donald Kelly who was a vegetarian, taught and promoted vegetarianism only used pancreatic enzymes derived from pigs for his cancer treatment. It has been written by the US Government (cancer.gov) that over 10,000 people went through his protocol and Dr. Kelly would demonstrate with his records were in fact cured of cancer. The medical establishment while Dr. Kelly was alive had him arrested, jailed and would not take his records seriously. He was in fact a dentist who cured himself of pancreatic cancer in the 1950's using Dr. Beard's research. While Dr. Kelly was still alive the med student known today as Dr. Gonzalez, formerly of the Sloan Kettering Institute, reviewed his records and is currently undergoing clinical trials using pancreatic enzymes derived from the swine to cure cancer.

Overview of TumorX Enzymes

There are millions, if not trillions, of new cells being produced in your body every single day, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred-sixty-five days a year. This process never stops. In healthy as well as unhealthy bodies the cells are created. With that stated, you need to understand the mathematical and biological impossibility of every single cell being perfect every time they are reproduced, millions of times over and over in your lifetime. It's a fact: the cells are not going to reproduce one-hundred percent perfect every single time. This very imperfection is why the body has a control process in place.
The more TumorX enzymes present in the body, the greater the chances the immune defense system will be able to identify individual cancer cells. People with an increased risk of cancer could reduce their risk by taking TumorX Enzymes.
Enzyme therapy must be continued indefinitely for the best results. Higher doses of TumorX enzymes are needed for individuals who have cancer, and lower doses are required for regular maintenance. TumorX Enzyme combinations derived from plant and animal sources give the best results for creating synergism between the different types of enzymes.
Researcher Stephen J. Taussig has researched enzymes like TumorX Formula 403X for several years and found that it can produce certain anti-cancer effects. In his research, he has found that TumorX Formula 403X retards the growth and metastasis of several cancer cell lines. Further, enzymes like TumorX Enzyme Protocol could be taken before and after a cancer operation and/or Chemosurgery, to improve the outcome of the patient.

TumorX Enzyme Protocol is Dose Dependent

TumorX Enzymes do not immediately go to the cancer site. What TumorX enzymes do first is correct the underlying issues in the body i.e., they correct the body as a whole, not just kill cancers cells like TumorX Formula Apoptosis would do.

TumorX Enzymes act as a catalyst with the first suitable substance they come in contact with, and because of this fact one cannot be deficient in any nutrient or the protocol will not be able to function to the ability described in this article.

Recommended Dosage

Formula 103X:
12 capsules per day...3 Capsules 4 times per day, taken one hour after each meal. Last serving should be before bed or during the night.
Formula 303X:
24 Capsules per day...6 Capsules taken one hour before each meal. Last serving two hours before bed on an empty stomach.
Formula 403X:
6 Capsules per day...2 Capsules taken 3 Times per day with each meal.

Signs of Saturation

When the enzymes pass completely through the body, successful saturation equilibrium of enzymes has occurred. The noticeable sign of saturation is an itching to burning sensation around the anus when the enzyme passes through the body be it during defecation or the through the natural effects of gravity. One will need (and want) to immediately neutralize the enzymes that have passed through the bowels. This is accomplished with vinegar (any brand, white or dark, will do). Spray or splash the vinegar onto and around the anus. Wait approximately one minute, during which time one may feel a slight increase in temperature around the anus due to a common chemical reaction or energy being released which creates the heat.
Remember the importance of neutralizing the enzymes once they pass through the body. One’s body is covered by dead skin cells. Since enzymes convert dead cells into food for the body, the enzymes are going to eat the protective layer of skin around the anus unless they are neutralized with vinegar. Enzymes don't have a brain. They cannot differentiate between whether they are inside or outside the body. They only detect dead cells so as they perform there biological function you may experience itching or burning.
If left to the natural enzyme process, the net result will feel like someone took sandpaper and exfoliated the anus and skin around the anus. This would be painful and is not necessary for the process. So, use vinegar to neutralize the enzymes once saturation occurs.
Proceeding after saturation: Decrease the enzyme consumption the same way in which the increase of dosage was done. Decrease by one or two capsules in order to maintain the 1 to 2 ratio of Formula 103X and Formula 303X respectively. Wait four days for the body to adjust to the new dosage, continuing to neutralize the anus with vinegar if necessary. On day five if the anus continues to burn and itch, decrease the enzyme dosage again by the smallest amount as able, in order to maintain the 1 to 2 ratio. Continue this until the burning and itching disappears.
If you have hit this point of saturation lower the number of enzymes you are taking. A product like Vaseline (synthetic oil) will help relieve the discomfort because the lipase in the enzyme will not be able to hydrolyze the bonds so it will create a protective cover. This is the easiest way to protect one's bottom if this issue occurs.

Continuing With Enzymes

Enzymes are the building blocks of life. In order to maintain a healthy body, one should take enzymes for the rest of their life. The amount of enzymes one should take will be determined by the sign of saturation ¼ in turn determined by age, lifestyle, genetics, and a million other things. I have talked with people who were able to consume 70 capsules of 103X , 140 capsules of 303X and 6 capsules of 403X per day.

However, they were only able to continue this meg a-dose for one week before saturation occurred. By the end of a one year period, they were only able to take 4 capsules of 103X, 8 capsules of 303X, and 1 capsule of 403X. They stated, "If I could take more enzymes I would, but with one more capsule the feeling of saturation comes back."

TumorX Enzyme Protocol Summary

Our body's ability to function, to repair when injured and to ward off disease is directly related to the strength and number of our enzymes. That's why an enzyme deficiency can be so devastating. All life processes consist of a complex series of chemical reactions.

Tens of thousands of people world wide have successfully treated themselves using the TumorX Enzyme Protocol.