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Cardio Clean


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TumorX Cardio Clean is a natural enzyme that supports your vascular system. Cardio Clean can be used when a build up of fat in arteries has occured, you have high cholesterol or high triglycerides. The enzyme lipase will go into the bloodstream and clean out your arteries and eliminate high cholesterol & triglycerides.

High cholesterol is a sign of lipase deficiency. The problem could be that the pancreas is not producing enough lipase.

Lipase                                                                                                               10,500 USP Units

This product is pure nutrition; no fillers, additives or synthetic chemicals.  
The gelatin capsule complies with the requirements published in:

The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP); XXIV / National Formulary (NF) 19
The European Pharmacopoeia (EP); 3rd Edition

Kosher and Halal certified

Suggested Use:
Dietary: 1-3 capsules per day with meal.

Side Effects:
Constipation, Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain/Cramps, or Nausea may occur.


Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke Contribute to
36% of all US Deaths.

Cardio Clean is comprised of non-fungal and non-bacterial enzymes. Cardio Clean is comprised of a pancreatic enzyme that has been shown to digest fats in the G.I track and in the same efficient manner digest fats in the cardiovascular system. These processes will change the structural/function of cholesterol, e.g., fat into a bio energy nutrient nourishing the body. This process is accomplished by converting cholesterol into vitamin D and vitamin Q10. Vitamins, hormones, and antioxidants are made from cholesterol. The body needs an adequate supply of all nutrients including cholesterol to ensure health.

Cholesterol is an Essential Nutrient

Cholesterol requires special digestive actions which only lipase can perform. Before cholesterol can be properly absorbed into the body, the cholesterol must first be broken down into small components.

Lipase Deficiency

A common symptom of lipase deficiency is increased levels of HDL, LDL and triglycerides, found in blood serum.

Lipase Structural/Function Action

Lipase modulates cell permeability so that nutrients can enter and wastes can exit. This action diminishes the chance of diseases, namely, heart disease and cancer.

Lipase Deficiency

Lipase is made in the pancreas, secreted in the duodenum, migrates into the gut, then into the cardiovascular system, where Lipase also functions in the blood to enzymatically act on the triacylglycerides converting it into very low density lipoprotein so that cells can take up the free fatty acids as energy.

For example, pancreatic lipase, which is the key enzyme to break down fats in the human digestive system, converts triglyceride substrates found in ingested oils to monoglycerides and free fatty acids. Regarding the amount and nature of lipids, diets rich in polyunsaturated fatty acid, mainly eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), have been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. These substances can be made using lipase inside the human body

What Is Cholesterol? What Are Triglycerides?

Cholesterol and triglycerides are two forms of lipids, or fats. Both cholesterol and triglycerides are necessary for life itself. Cholesterol is necessary, among other things, for building cell membranes and for making several essential hormones. Triglycerides, which are chains of high-energy fatty acids, provide much of the energy needed for cells to function. But when one is deficient in lipase the body cannot use the cholesterol lipids, that is to say, the fat.  

Lipase deficiency increases plasma triglycerides and reduces HDL levels and may thereby predispose carriers to ischemic heart disease. These findings were published in American Heart Association, Inc. Børge G. Nordestgaard, et al., Circulation. 2000;101:2393-2397. Nine thousand, two hundred, fifty-nine (9,259) individuals were studied for lipase deficiency. When lipase was corrected in serum,  heart disease decreased. The lipoprotein lipase was found to degrade the triglycerides contained in chylomicrons (chylomicrons are large lipoprotein particles that consist of triglycerides (85-92%), phospholipids (6-12%), cholesterol (1-3%) and proteins (1-2%) , and very-low-density lipoproteins).

  • Sherri

Sherri From OH
Hello People at TumorX,

My husband has been on blood pressure medicine and we found your informational web-site. We decided to try the TumorX Cardio Clean and see if that would help him.  My husband has now been off of his blood Pressure medication for 3 months since taking the cardio clean product.

Thank you!



Controlling Cholesterol

Controlling cholesterol does not need to comprise health!

When considering controlling one’s cholesterol there is generally only one choice offered. Packaged in different forms, known collectively as statin drugs, these extremely dangerous drugs are known to promote heart disease which can lead to death.

Contrast statin drugs to natural lipase. Lipase is an effective approach to improve health. Cardio Clean, a natural enzyme, transforms artery clogging cholesterol into disease fighting substances needed for proper function inside the body. Statin Drugs on the other hand block cholesterol- stressing organs and creating a life threatening condition know commonly as malnutrition.

Dangerous Big Pharma Drugs

Atorvastatin, Lipitor, Fluvastatin, Lescol, Lovastatin, Mevacor, (is a natural statin) Altocor, Simvastin, Pravachol, Selektine, Lipostat, Rosuvastatin, Crestor, Simvastatin, Zocor, Heart Pro, Baycol, Lipobay. These are some of the statin drugs currently being promoted.

>Natural and synthetic statins work on the same principles of blocking the cholesterol. Statins create deficiencies; these deficiencies create diseases, e.g., heart disease.

One disease/deficiency that statin drug create is Rhabdomyolysis, the impaired production of CoQ10. Just 30 minutes after taking natural or synthetic statin drugs, CoQ10 deficiency can be observed in the liver, heart and kidneys. CoQ10 deficiency creates an ATP deficiency; ATP deficiencies have been shown to trigger heart attacks. Four women and thirteen men with an average age of 46 were tested for ATP deficiency. Clinical heart failure was demonstrated when their ATP levels fell below 25% of normal concentration.


Protecting and sustaining cardiovascular health is paramount to longevity. Cardio Clean is a natural product that will help maintain and repair ones health without Dangerous Big Pharma Drugs. If one has ever taken a statin drug or has heart disease, Heart Mender by BioAnue could be the perfect product for you.


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