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Click For Instructions For Using The TumorX Apoptosis Protocol.

TumorX Apoptosis Protocol
Package #1
Package 1:
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  • Summary
  • Side Effects
  • Directions

TumorX Apoptosis Protocol
is a good Budget Protocol

This Protocol will only kill cancer cells, and help detoxify the body using TumorX Formula 103X.

To increase detoxification of the body, consider other TumorX products like Liver Mender or coffee enemas this will help to remove the toxins and poisons from your body.

TumorX Apoptosis Formulas
Kill Cancer Cells

Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas treatment was found to result in a dose-dependent decrease in the viability of cancer cells. Normally, cancerous cells are unable to experience apoptosis by natural means.  DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) ladder assay demonstrated that, compared to vehicle-treated control, Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas treatment of squamous cell carcinoma resulted in an induction of programmed cell death as signaled by the nuclei in functioning cells.

This process is characterized by cleavage of the DNA into fragments that give a so called laddering pattern when the solid phase of the cell liquefies.

The induction of apoptosis by Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas was also especially clear when viewed with confocal microscopy (this microscope allows the observer to visualize objects in a single plane of focus, thereby creating a sharper image). This method identified the necrotic squamous cell carcinoma

Coffee enema information ....Click here to read more.

Liver Mender information…Click here to read more.

The following can occur if one does not follow the instructions for the TumorX Apoptosis Protocol:
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Projectile Vomiting

• Do Not use if you are pregnant or nursing
• Do Not use if you have glaucoma

Apoptosis Protocol: Apoptosis Easy digest, Apoptosis full Strength, and Formula 103X...PDF Click Here


Dave from Minnesota

Discovered a small weeping tumor on right side of nose with roots extending around eye socket, cheek, mouth and nose.  Physician I saw diagnosed it cancerous.  After 8 months of using TumorX protocol, my test results showed me to be cancer free.   
You can bet I will look to your product line for any future health needs.

Thank you TumorX!


TumorX Package 1

TumorX Package 1 is used to help clear up skin cancer including melanoma, and very early stage cancers and viral infections like MERSA.  The anti-cancer effects of bloodroot are well documented in multiple clinical studies…Click here to read clinical reports of the use of bloodroot

A little known action about bloodroot is its ability to kill infections like MERSA. Research conducted demonstrated that sanguinarine killed resistant methicillin and resistant staphylococcus aureus in a dose depent manner1. Bloodroot (Sanguinarine) has successfully been able to treat conditions like prostatitis (infection of the prostate gland), and prostate cancer, just to name a few of the cancers and infections that are successfully treated with bloodroot.  The mechanism chiefly used is Apoptosis (self-destruction). This natural process happens in the body every single day; the problem with cancer cells is that they do not have the ability to perform this task. The alkaloids sanguinarine and chelerythrine correct this deficiency and allow the self-destruction to take place.  Apoptosis Easy Digest, Apoptosis Full Strength, and Formula 103X all work together to kill cancer cells and help detoxify the body.  

Apoptosis Easy Digest and Apoptosis Full Strength: both use the herb bloodroot (sanguinarine canadensis) which contains the active dietary agents sanguinarine and chelerythrine that induce self-destruction of cancer cells...Click Here to read more.  

TumorX Apoptosis Formula & DNA
Cell Cycle Analysis

The DNA cell cycle analysis showed that sanguinarine treatment did not significantly affect the distribution of cells among the different phases of the cell cycle in squamous cell carcinoma. This is especially important because this proves definitely that Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas will not harm the DNA of cells. The research proves that Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas are effective anticancer formulas.

Agents that can eliminate the cancerous cells via a programmed cell death but do not affect the normal cells have a therapeutic advantage for the elimination of cancer cells. In contrast, TumorX Apoptosis Formulas will not harm the patient like synthetic allopathic drugs do.

The Mechanism

Studies have shown that Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas are an inhibitor of the activation of nuclear transcription factor NF-B, which has been implicated to play a key role in the regulation of cell growth, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis. The anti-tumor properties of Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas are constantly being reestablished.

Studies provide more definitive evidence that Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas at micromolar concentrations impart a cell growth-inhibitory response in human cancer cells via an induction of apoptosis.

Historically, bloodroot is known to kill all types of cancer cells.  Clinical studies have yielded positive results for all cancers cell types that have been tested. Keep in mind that the action is dose-dependent; the more you are able to consume, the better the product will work. I like to make a simple comparison: assume your body is producing 1,000,000 new cancer cells per day, and you take enough Apoptosis Easy Digest and Apoptosis Full Strength to kill 5,000,000 cancer cells per day. In a very short period of time you should be cancer free. Most of the observations of people who have successfully used the protocol have indicated positive results within the first 5-20 days… this is when they start to see their skin cancer fade away. 

Sanguinarine, an alkaloid derived from the bloodroot plant Sanguinaria canadensis, can significantly decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer, according to the National Institute of Health2. Other research demonstrates that bloodroot has been successfully used for over 300 years. Studies demonstrate that sanguinarine and chelerythrine induce apoptosis in cancer cells; epidermoid carcinoma (skin cancer), prostate cancer, breast cancer, endocervical (cervix), melanoma, colon adenocarcinoma, lung non-small cell carcinoma, uveal melanoma (eye cancer), Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Acute myeloid leukemia (AML), erythroleukemia, neuroblastoma, colon carcinoma- to name a few.

You should see skin cancer start to diminish within 5-30 days using the protocol. Cancers deeper inside the body in areas like the prostate, breast, and etc., need to be given 6 weeks to begin working then follow-up with a blood marker test to confirm your improvement.   If you do not see results as stated then I think you are dealing with more than you expect. I would suggest you need to take a more aggressive approach to defeating your cancer. Consider the following Packages: Package 3, Package 5 or 6, or the strongest protocol to date, Package 9. Cancer is treatable and curable but you must kill more cancer cells than your body can produce every day.


Formula 103X is comprised of natural pancreatic enzymes Trypsin, chymotrypsin, Amylase, and lipase. These enzymes will enter into the bloodstream when used systemically, converting dead cell and debris found in the bloodstream into energy to feed adjacent cells. Remember that the body recycles all it can and disposes of the waste byproduct through the liver and kidneys, depending upon the type of waste involved.   

Formula 103X will help to detoxify the body and help to remove human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). HCG is the hormone the cancer produces to hide itself from the immune system, that is to say HCG cloaks the cancer cells from the immune system. Because Formula 103X is a natural mixture of pancreatic trypsin, chymotrypsin, elastase, carboxypeptidase A1, A2, and carboypeptidase B, it has the ability to convert dead cells into food, then the waste byproducts will leave through the waste system. The process of dead cells being recycled inside the human body is completely natural.

 The Trophoblast Theory of Cancer

Dr. John Beard, University of Edinburgh, first published the trophoblastic thesis of cancer in June, 1902. In 1905, he reported his finding that demonstrated the anticancer effects of pancreatic enzymes derived from porcine.  Dr. Beard named his research “The Trophoblast Theory of Cancer” and Beard described that cancer cells and embryonic cells have very similar activities.  Years later, Dr. Beard specifically pointed out that cancer cells and fetus cells are protected from the body’simmune system through the production of specific anti-enzyme substances called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This same hormone that protects a fetus also allows cancer cells to hide from the immune system. However, by using pancreatic enzymes one is able to de-shield the cancer cells from the immune system. Therefore, when using an hCG test to test for cancer, one needs to discontinue taking Formula 103X,  3 days prior to the test to get accurate readings.

In 1949, West and Hilliard studied 3,000 cancer patients who were given an anticancer dosage of 15 grams of pure chymotrypsin- which proved to indeed kill cancer cells. Subsequent research confirmed that trypsin also had anticancer properties. It is obvious that it has been known for decades that pancreatic enzymes have the ability to kill cancer cells directly. The key to enzyme therapy is knowing that this happens in a dose-dependent manner. Th­­at is to say, the more enzymes one consumes the faster the cancer dies. That is why I have stressed the need for pancreatic enzyme saturation in every anticancer protocol that I have formulated. Saturation is defined by an itching, burning sensation around the rectum; this is because the enzymes are digesting the dead tissue outside of the body. When one feels this sensation they should wash the rectum with vinegar- this acidic solution will neutralize the enzyme on contact and stop the enzyme from digesting the dead tissue of the rectum.

Dr. William Donald Kelley is probably one of the most recognized proponents of the anticancer effects of pancreatic enzymes derived from porcine. Ironically, Dr. Kelley did not personally eat pork products. However, he insisted that only pork-derived pancreatic enzymes are able to kill cancer cells. Most researchers of pancreatic enzymes do acknowledge two important points: first, that enzymes derived from porcine are superior to bovine, second, that porcine enzymes are supper to plant based enzymes.


Studies Demonstrated Success

Conducted by, Nihal Ahmad .et. al,. published by: Clinical Cancer Research Vol. 6, 1524-1528, April 2000. Demonstrated the following.

The effect of bloodroot found in Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas and its anti-proliferative and apoptosis nature was investigated and the following found to be true:

1. Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas stops cancerous cells rapid growth. 

2. Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas stops cancerous cells from abnormally increasing in number. 

3. Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas stops the promotion of human epidermoid carcinoma cells, i.e., squamous cell (squamous cell is an invasive malignant tumor derived from epithelial tissue that tends to metastasize to other areas of the body).

4. Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas promotes the natural self-destruction (apoptosis) of cancer cells.

5. Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas will not promote apoptosis at any strength or concentration to healthy tissue.

The active ingredient in these two Formulas is derived from the root of Sanguinaria canadendid it is rare herb native to the Eastern U.S. and Canada. Tumorx Apoptosis Formulas are base on the anticancer properties of the phytochemicals present.

Safety of TumorX Apoptosis Formulas

The concerns related to herbs with emetic potential are of primary significance when patients do not follow the TumorX Apoptosis Protocol.

When using Apoptosis Formulas one should follow and understand the TumorX Apoptosis Protocol.


  1. The Journal of toxicological Sciences Vo. 36, 3, 277-283,2011 The mechanism of action of sanguinarine against methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus  Brice W Obiang-Obounou et al  Wonkwang University South Korea
  2. Indian J Urol. 2008 Jul-Sep; 24(3): 295–302.  doi:  10.4103/0970-1591.42608 Strategies for prostate cancer prevention: Review of the literature H. Krishna Moorthy et al PMCID: PMC2684344

Have more questions now than when you started reading this page?
Call the United States technical support office at 229-365-7708 to speak with a TumorX Protocol expert that can answer your questions.

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All cancers to date have been destroyed using these products, we have not seen it fail. One needs to keep in mind that the Apoptosis Formulas only kill cancer cells and do not repair the body. One needs to take a holelistic approach to their disease induced cancer, and repair the body as they destroy the cancer.

Have more questions now than when you started reading this page? Call the United States technical support office at 229-365-7708 to speak with a TumorX Protocol expert that can answer your questions.


We want you to be cured. The resources on this website are here for your education. Watch the videos and read all the information here. If you need more explanation, please feel free to e-mail or call our technical support hot line which is manned by real people NOT by commissioned sales reps.

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