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Hydrogen Therapy: Water to Prevent & Cure Diseases

Front cover of Hydrogen thearpy water to prevent and cure diseases
opened book hydrogen therapy: water to prevent and cure diseases

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purchase Hydrogen therapy water to prevent and cure diseases

Buy Two Books and save 20%... that's $24.90!

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Item Code: Hydrogen Thearpy
purchase Hydrogen therapy water to prevent and cure diseases

I am pleased to present my latest book:
Hydrogen Therapy: Water to Prevent & Cure Diseases

This book is unlike any other book I have written. In this book, I explore the usage of ordinary water to improve the human body. Explained, is the composition of water, the science of electrochemistry, and the curative effects of H2.  I have also explained the how and why behind hydrogen’s amazing properties.  Most importantly, I have revealed how to utilize this scientific breakthrough in order for you to improve your own health!

You do not need to be a scientist to understand my book; I have cited the studies in ordinary English. Included is a 160-word glossary with pronunciation key for those words that just do not have simple names.  Get ready to be excited about the amazing properties God has provided to us right here on earth!

Book Summary: Science based evidence demonstrating how electrolyzed reduced hydrogen water can treat, cure and prevent human illness such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes by removing free radicals and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.

Book Quality: A hardback book with cloth cover, silver stamped, and a ribbon marker.  Printed on acid free paper, this hardback edition will offer years of uncompromised use. It will make a fine addition to your private library and would make a handsome gift.

This book contains 223 pages of informative science and explanation of how hydrogen works in the body. It features a 160-word glossary, an index, 147 detailed references, and real studies proving the science valid.

Glossary, pages 141-175
Index, pages 177-190
Bibliography, pages 191-198

ISBN number: 978-0-9964926-0-7

Table of Contents:

1. Healing Waters   6. Continued
  Tlacote Water     Platinum Antioxidant
  Nordenau Water     A Future for Hydrogen in Space Travel?
  Hita Tenryosui     Redox Regulation
  Fountain of Youth     Carbon Tetrachloride Study
  Approved Medical Device     Concentrations Examined
  Reduced Water as an antioxidant     Protects Brain Cells
  Platinum Particles     Stimulates Antioxidant Enzymes
2. Mineral Balance     Hydrogen: Gas vs. Water
  Alkaline and Acidic Minerals     Diseases Studied
  Sulfur Deficiency     Human Success
  Sulfur in the Diet   7 . Cellular Poisons
  Vegan Propaganda     Biological Oxidants
  Sources of Sulfur     Chemical Messengers
  Hydrogen Sulfide     Basic Function of the Biological Radical System
3. Basics of Water Electrolysis     Hydroxyl Radicals
  Opposites Attract     Critically Damaged Cells
  Gained Electrons     Mitochondrial Dysfunctions
  Released Hydrogen     Mitochondrial Diseases Caused
by Free Radicals
  Conductivity for Electrolysis     Natural Toxins
  Scale     Waterborne Toxins
  Cooking with Alkaline Water     Methemoglobin
  Alkaline and Acidic Water     Effect of pH on Oxygen
  Characteristics of Ionized Water     Metabolic Anemia
  Acidic Water     Toxins that Induce Methemoglobinemia
4. How to Drink Hydrogen Water     Oxidation Process
  Low Stomach Acid     The Super Antioxidant
  Optimal pH for Drinking     Body's Defense
  Who Can Benefit from Electrolyzed     Hydrogen Defense
  Reduced Water   8. Blood pH
  Hydrogen for Muscle Pain     American Diet and Acidosis
  The Young and the Old     Exercise and Acidosis
  Breast Milk     The Exercise Study
  Infant Formula     Kidney Dialysis Produces ROS
  First Birthday     Dialysis Study
  Elderly     Tumor Cell pH
  Drinking too Much Water     Lactate in the Blood
  Acidic Body   9. Hydrogen Therapy in Animal Models
  Stay Properly Hydrated     Melanoma
  Electrolyzed Water More Hydrating     Sunburn
  Health Benefits of Electrolyzed Water     Stomach Damage Repaired
  Kidney Issues     Prevalence of Type 1 Diabetes
  Time to Heal     Alloxan and Aflatoxin
  Ionized Water and Medicine     Alloxan Discovery
  Ionized Water Can be Stored     Toxic Chemicals Approved by FDA
  Body Makes Hydrogen     Hydrogen Water and Alloxan
5. Water pH & Quality     Hydrogen Water and Beta Cells
  Bipolarity     Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetic Models
  Calcium Carbonate     Genetically Diabetic Mice
  Calcium Hydride     Parkinson's Disease
  Calcium Hydride Production     Hydrogen Concentrations
  What is Hard Water?     Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
  Minerals for Optimal pH     Liver Function and Hangover
  Desired Water pH     Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning
  Harmful pH     Lab Tests
  Minerals in Water     Carbon Tetrachloride in Drinking Water
  Extreme Purified Water   10. Hydrogen Therapy in Humans
  Worldwide Water Filtration     Aquaporin
  Dangers of Reverse Osmosis     Cancer Death via Aquaporin Channels
  pH Fallacy     The Human Studies
  Demineralized Body     High Cholesterol
  RO Water and Electrolysis     Hypertension from Dialysis
  Mineral Deficiencies     Metabolic Syndrome
  Fluoride Poisoning     Malignant Liver Tumors
  Fluoride Studies     Stroke
  Arsenic     Amount of Hydrogen Important?
  Filtration Key to Quality Water     The 1 Quart Study
  Sediment Filtration     The ½ Quart Study
  Carbon Filtration     Kidney Disease 3 Month Study
  Carbon Filter Types     6 Month Study
  Chlorine Removal     12 Month Study
  Trihalomethanes Removal     Clinical Applications for Cancer
  Arsenic Removal     Epithelial Carcinomas
  Phenols Removal     Lung Cancer
  Ultra Filtration     Lung Cancer Cells
6. Hydrogen     Human Leukemia Cells
  High Voltage Water Electrolysis     Cancer and Non-cancer Cell Experiment
  Hydroxyl Ions (OH-)     The Hayflick Limit
  Potential Hydrogen (pH)     Telomerase
  Solubility     Telomerase in Cancer
  Free Radicals     Telomerase Neutralized in Cancer Cells
  Nano Platinum     Summary
   Continues next column      

I am known for speaking and writing about real-life solutions to real health problems. The US bureaucratic agencies have sanctioned my internet speech due to those truths I write about.  I will continue to write books with real solutions—not just pie-in-the-sky hopes, dreams, and wishes. I will continue to write books that the government would ban if they could, so keep an eye out for other titles from me.

In the past, I have written about natural remedies. My writings showed how to combine traditional and non-traditional herbs and extracts for health. The advancement of science proves that natural traditional remedies are better than allopathic drugs. In some cases, the allopathic drugs are synthesized herbal extracts. Ironically, some medical doctors propagate the hoax that only superstitious, unlearned people use herbs. I reject this notion and find it repugnant while revealing their lack of education. Combining emerging science with traditional remedies is a better method to understand the gifts God has provided us.

My Personal Fight for Intellectual Freedom Has Not Ended

If you are a returning reader of mine, you are probably wondering what happened to the 100’s of pages of free information that was previously found here. Click here to read why my articles are no longer here. It appears that the United States Constitution does not apply to the internet. American elitists have hijacked American culture by their practice of totalitarianism. George Orwell (pen name of Eric Arthur Blair) would be considered a sage of our modern times.

About Myself: I have a degree in science.  I have formulated 100’s of herbal nutraceuticals for numerous aspects of the body. My dietary supplement formulations have improved cardiovascular health, neurological health, and endocrine health. My formularies reversed diabetes as well as cancer. I have written various articles over the years about natural health and have spoken at different conferences outside the USA that explored the uses of traditional medicines.

I am working on converting my 100’s of articles into books, booklets and e-books.   Read my books and learn how to convert plants and glandulars into effective natural healing medicines. Reclaim you rights as an American citizen and heal yourself of diseases which the allopathic community has no answers for.

Disclaimer: These books were written to educate the American citizen so that they can treat, cure, prevent and mitigate disorders and diseases.